Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visit With Mum Greer

My friend Ricky is on a cruise in Europe, lucky guy. Fortunately, nowhere near London. Two of Ricky's three sisters are also on vacation, so their 80 year old mom is home alone. Ricky asked me to go over one of the nights they were  all away and it was absolutely my pleasure. I love Ricky's mom; she's a wonderfully sweet woman and has been kind to me all these years I have known her.

It was a little hard getting out of work on time tonight, but I finally got out at 5:30. I grabbed a pizza and headed on over to Framingham taking the same back roads that also lead to Perry's awesome studio in Saxonville. Mum Greer and I had a very nice visit.

Last night, I had HPM Lite and every Tuesday, I try to think of several excuses why I shouldn't go. In reality, as much as I enjoy it,  I am still so scared to death of my limited singing abilities that I feel reluctant to go. Yesterday, it was "the cat scratched my eyelid", which actually happens to be the truth. Sometime in the wee hours of Tuesday, one of my cats jumped on my head while I was sleeping and launched him or herself off my eyelid. I am not making this up. There is a huge gouge on the crease of my right eye and it looks as if I am wearing purple eye shadow.

Not exactly a glamor shot....

It throbbed like crazy all day yesterday to the point where the throbbing also made me feel nauseous. I drank ginger tea (name any ailment and I'll give you a tea to drink for it) to ease the nausea so that I could finally take some Advil for the throbbing. By the time I left work yesterday, I felt okay and I had no reason not to go. Plus I accidentally owed our conductor for two previous sessions (I made the checks out to the wrong entity) and I promised him Id catch up, so I needed to go at least for that.

It is getting more and more comfortable. I'm down to just one song that still mostly befuddles me, but I found a virtual piano I can practice on. I had practiced on it extensively before I went to rehearsal last night and it was a huge help.

I have not crafted much. My craft fair is exactly one month from today - GULP!

I had to do homework as soon as I came home from Mum Greer's and now I am writing this. But, as Scarlett O'Hara so aptly said, tomorrow is another day :)

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  1. How do you prepare for a craft fair?

    Have you given any thought to opening an Etsy store?