Sunday, August 18, 2013

Return To Normalcy (I hope)

It's been a long time since I posted on my blog and it took me about a half hour to figure out how to log back in.

My life began to fall apart 1/9/12 with the diagnosis of heart disease for my beloved Alexi. $10,000 and six weeks later, she was gone. In October, I lost my job and after 10 months of "interrupted unemployment", I am now permanently employed again and trying to get back on my financial feet again.

During these10 months of hell, other crappy things also occurred, but are not anything I want to get into. When I first created this blog, I envisioned happy posts about singing and crafting. I am trying to get back to that again.

September is right around the corner and with that will begin the new singing season. My chorus, Harvard Pro Musica, will continue on without our beloved director, who moved back to California a few weeks ago. He will be greatly missed, but we will go on with what we learned from him and under an interim director. I have no doubt we will succeed.

At church, the CG director has asked me to take on more responsibility in the group, which I have accepted. Initially, I was going to drop all the music groups and focus on school, but with all that I am learning in my new job and my limited energy due to an underactive thyroid (there really is a such thing as "under active thyroid" and it is another form of Hell), I have dropped out of school for now. I have plans to resume classes next winter. Given the many days and nights of tears and sleep interrupted by fear of an uncertain future, I decided to devote myself fully to the new job and to live life the way I was before everything fell apart.

After the new year, I will take up school again and suffer through classes I don't need for a degree I desperately do need. I love my new job, but have learned after being laid off 5 times that there's no such thing as a permanent job. I would not have had such a hard time finding a new job if I had my degree, however, I did find yet another company who was more interested in my skill set and personality than that stupid degree. Our controller does not have a degree and she is very good at her kjob. These companies are becoming rarer and rarer though, and I must never again be laid off without a degree.

For now though, I am enjoying the new job and am finally finding happiness again. My finances are in ruins, but I never defaulted on any of my bills and I'm living as Spartan as I can. Even living Spartan however cannot prevent things like a $610.00 car repair bill and a $422.00 vet bill (both this month) but I'll just keep chipping away at my bills until they are paid off. This is so not where I want to be at age 50, but it is what it is and I can only move forward.

So the singing will begin soon and as for crafting, I have been working on just one project. I am making a vest for my friend Kristin, who suffers from brain cancer but is in remission right now. I discovered an error in the pattern and have to make 2 more squares, but other than that, all of the squares have been made and sewn. If I can figure out how to post a picture of it, I will post it here.

Today I making a spaghetti sauce using tomatoes from the garden of my employer. He has a vegetable garden behind our building and nearly every day there are yummy vegetables from his garden on our lunch room table. I have about 2 pounds of his tomatoes and two eggplants. I am making eggplant parm today, yum!