Friday, August 26, 2011

Mozart's Requiem

Tonight I got an e-mail from Harvard Pro Musica about a church in Chelmsford whose music ministry is singing Mozart's Requiem on September 11th in memory of that very tragic event. They need singers, especially altos and men. After my initial whoop of joy at the propect of singing this again, I felt sad about the reason why. I will never understand the minds of people who hate.

I try to keep this blog on the light side, so I'll move on.

I finished my final exam tonight for the college course I took this summer and now I can go back to doing fun things like writing this blog, singing, crafting and training for the road race. September is going to be a very busy month.

My friend Tom was going to drive up from Pennsylvania this weekend to see me but had to cancel due to Irene. He is going to come up September 24th instead.

September events in the life of the Running Singing Crafter:
September 10th - Craft Fair in Framingham through the Metrowest Humane Society (No-kill shelter for kitties)
September 11th - Singing the church picnic w/choir and Contempory Group/Holy Trinity Parish and Mozart's Requiem later that night in Chelmsford
September 13th - First practice of the new season for Harvard Pro Musica
September 17th - 5K Road Race for the Boys and Girls Club of Maynard
September 18t - HPM Lite singing at Fruitlands (I think)
September 24th - Tom comes to visit

I have finished a couple more scarves and will post pictures of them soon. I also purchased a lot of yarn from JCA Warehouse last weekend and will post pictures of  that as well.

I'm a bit resentful of Irene interfering with my weekend plans. In the middle of winter, I expect to be stuck inside my house when 'Noreasters strike but being forced to stay inside in the summer really annoys me. Winter is too cold to be outside (for me anyway) but summer is when I like to be outdoors.

Oh well. Gives me an opportunity to knit and crochet :) God knows I have plenty of yarn in here :)

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