Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unwelcome Weekend Guest

7:22 AM

I was one of those unwise people on the road in the wee hours of the morning. I had gone to Karen's yesterday because I knew I was going to be confined here alone with the cats today and I wanted some human company before that happened. Things were going well though until I reached the signs for exit 26 and then the heavens opened up.

It was like going through a car wash. Fortunately, I know the roads very well and there were no other fools out there on 495, and I took it slow. Exit 28 finally emerged from the rain drops and I slowly drove down 111 to the safety of home.

My biggest fear is losing power. Three years ago, an ice storm hit and I was without power for three days. I was also one of the lucky ones though, as many towns here were out power for a week or more. In this day and age, we are totally and completely dependent on electricity for EVERYTHING and it's Hell when it's not working.

Yesterday,  I received a voice mail from the Littleton Police that if power is lost, it will not be restored until the storm is over for the protection of the utility employees. I absolutely agree that everyone should be kept safe. However, loss of power also means loss of water.

I have learned  however from past mis-experience to fill the tub when Mother Nature gets angry. This enables me to use the toilet, a very important thing when you are stuck in the house. We have plenty of drinking water here, but that's a staple in my household anyway. We are set on food that doesn't have to be cooked or refrigerated and we have candles and batteries.

Right now, it is raining lightly. A nice cool breeze is coming through the window. I can see the trees swaying slightly, so there is some wind. All is well at the moment.

I am heading off to shower and wash the breakfast dishes (and fill the tub) and after that....well, I guess I have no excuse not to finally clean my house :)

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  1. How'd you make it through Irene? We didn't have any issues with our house. My parents and Mark's parents came through fine, thank God. Aunt Rita and my cousin Joe (her son) and his wife had to leave Brigantine, so they headed out to Joe's wife's family's home in Mays Landing. So I think we all dodged a good-sized bullet, especially after seeing some of the news footage of places that flooded, had wind, tree, or tornado (!) damage, etc. Yikes!

    Oh, and how'd you like that earthquake on Tuesday? What the heck is up with Mother Nature these days, anyway?