Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not Much Crafting Today

Unfortunately, not all days can be "got a lot of crafting done" days, but 'tis life. Perry caught whatever bug Neal has and she was out sick today, so I crafted alone at lunch. We were really busy in Accounting with The Check Run so I didn't craft for long.

When I packed my crafting lunch bag today, I threw in a size 9 needle instead of the size 7 I needed to work on "City Lights", so I wasn't able to knit. I did finish one of the "Purple Passion" squares and am going to have to hunt around here for another skein of the same yarn. Wish me luck :)

Pat, one of the Fishnet Crochet Club ladies, recently re-org'd her stashes and books. Something I must do before I get to 700 books, the total number of books Pat discovered she has :) All of the ladies in the group have stashes and I'm sure their's are far bigger than mine, so it really is okay for me to be storing yarn in my kitchen :) I think Shawna said she has some yarn in her bathroom :)

I got home late from work tonight and by the time I had dinner and took care of the kitties, I had to focus on ACC 3205. The course itself, not the scarf :) Although,  I can knit and read the e-text at the same time, thank God, because the book is.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........boring!  So I read Chapter 11 of the  e-book and knitted a lot more of the Fun Fur scarf I named after the course.

I had to stop knitting so I could write the homework assignment. Brain Would Not Function I abandoned it for now. I will finish it tomorrow morning and send it on it's way to Cyber Homework Land. (I hate online classes but again, No Negative Allowed, so nothing further to be said on that subject).

"Tomorrow is another day!" And 'tis also Friday :)

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