Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today's WIP

I'm one of those folks who still has a cell phone that can only send or receive phone calls, so computer manipulation is not one of my strong points :) I'm hoping to get better with that as I blog along, same as I intend to do with my crocheting.

Pictured above (I'm assuming this will be "above" once I publish this post) are three projects I worked on today. The purple piece will be a scarf and features individually crocheted granny squares which are then sewn together. Once it is long enough, I will crochet a granny square border around the whole thing. It's called Purple Passion at the moment, but I'd like to think of a more creative name for it before my 9/10/11 craft fair.

The scarf in the middle is called City Lights (thanks to my friend Perry, who is enormously talented and someone I look up to) and is just knitted, nothing fancy. The Manos De Urugauy yarn is gorgeous all on it's own and really doesn't need more than something simple.

The scarf on the end is called ACC 3205. Yup, I named it after the course I am taking at Northeastern because I only work on this when I am reading my e-text. I discovered at Last Knitter Standing that while I am probaby the slowest knitter on the planet, I can knit (not purl) without ever looking at my work. This scarf was made while reading chapter 10 of my very boring (zzzzzzzz) text. At the end, I did knit a row looking because my tension did get really tight, but other than that, it's coming out decent.

And that's is it for my crafting fun today.

I almost ended up with a 4th cat, but that can be a story for another time :)

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  1. Give yourself time and practice, and you'll be able to both knit and purl without looking. Karla and I had one deaf-blind friend who we saw knitting a sweater, long after her vision had deteriorated past the point of being useful for very many situations.

    Which gave Karla the opportunity to witness this conversation at a gathering of deaf-blind friends and hearing/sighted volunteers:

    Deaf-blind-man: What are you making?
    Deaf-blind woman: A sweater.
    Deaf-blind man: What color is it?
    Deaf-blind woman: Blue. Remember blue?

    (Both of them had been born sighted and deaf, and became blind as adults.)

    P. S. Those items look really nice. Not just the styles, but the colors are very striking.