Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Earwigs, oh my :)

My purpose in setting up this blog is to help myself improve my crocheting and knitting and if the rest of the world wanted to peak in, that's cool too :) However, I will allow myself a temporary mis-direction and share my tale of "woe" from yesterday morning.

Every morning when I come into work, I fill up my 36 ounce water bottle and also get a mug of hot green tea. Even when I was a child, I could never see very well and it's gotten worse as I've gotten older, 'tis life. Anyway, when I reached for the water bottle, I saw dirt on the spout. Then I saw the dirt MOVE on the spout. That's odd, I thought, and bent toward it for a closer look.

EEYEW! The "moving dirt" was actually a long cylindrical bug with forceps on its rear. Fortunately, I didn't scream, as was the case when there was a dead mouse in my car (story for another time!), but I was Not Happy. I ran into the kitchen with the water bottle as far away from myself as possible.

I ran the spout under hot water, but the bug went inside the spout and I couldn't get it out. Two of my coworkers asked me what on earth I was doing and I 'splained. Oh, that's an earwig, Mike said, and he went on to tell me all about earwigs and their characteristics. Another difference between men and women, lol. I am grossed out by bugs, not fascninated by pinchers on the backs of their legs :)

Karen came to my rescue and removed the unwanted earwig from the water spout. I owe her lunch :) I poured soap into the bottle, put the spout upside down into the mouth of the bottle, and added the hottest water the sink could muster so I could give it a good soaking. It did occur to me that my cats probably have more germs than these earwig pincher things but they're cute and bugs are not :) That's my justification :)

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  1. The one thing I hate about walking Mini after dark in the warm weather is that the nocturnal creepy-crawlies are out. I don't care what they are, I just want them to creep and crawl as far away from me as possible.

    We don't have this issue in the cold weather, but that's because it's so cold that your breath freezes into snowflakes. So the after-dark walks have benefits and drawbacks, no matter the weather.