Sunday, August 21, 2011

Purly Gates - All Hookers Welcome!

The other night as I was driving home from work, my brain was busy with "stream of consciousness". I saw an old vacant building with a "For Lease" sign out in front. Nice place to have a yarn store, I thought. Hmmmm....what would I name a yarn store. My mind sorted through the various yarn stores I patronize, Woolpack, Iron Horse, Knit Purl......  Purly Gates. Yeah, Purly Gates. This would be the name of my yarn store if I ever open one.

Yesterday at Perry's awesome old studio in Saxonville, I told her of this name that had popped into my head. The only problem with the name is that it sounds exclusive of crocheters and as an ardent crocheter myself, I wanted to make the name "crochet friendly". Perry thought about this for a moment and then said, put "All Hookers Welcome!" under the Purly Gates sign. LOL!

Perry and I went to JCA yesterday and I spent a ridiculous amount of money on yarn. These are my justifications:

1) I don't go on fancy vacations.
2) I don't buy computer equipment.
3) JCA is going out of business and the yarn I bought is worth 3 times more what I paid for it.
4) Many of these lovely yarns are discontinued and I will never see them again.
5) I can afford to spend too much on yarn now but won't be able to when I retire.
6) Unlike women who hoard shoes and never wear them, I am constantly knitting or crocheting. While I probably have SABLE at this point, I do use a lot of the yarn I buy. I bought a ton of Tonic from Woolpack and I am sailing through it in my scarf-making effort. I bought 3 skeins of Manos from Iron Horse and am sailing through that too.
7) I used savings for my purchases and I have never gone into debt buying yarn.

The biggest problem I have with all the yarn is lack of space in my one-bedroom condo. Oh well :)

Later on I will post pictures of my purchases. Right now, the Singing Crafter is headed out the door for her daily run at the gym in preparation for the September 17th road race.

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