Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day! (plus one)

Since the loss of my beloved Alexi, I am only at about 90% in the "enjoying life" department (I hate this new blogger format) and holidays make me very sad. I have my own July 4th tradition of watching the Pops from my couch with all of my kitties surrounding me. I was minus one very important kitty.

However, that being said, this was my first July 4th without my girl, but it was also Andy's first July 4th with his new family. If I can find the time (and patience) today, I will upload the 2 minute video of Andy and Torey grooming each other. With this new format, I now have no idea how to attach photos and videos. I had just learned to do it under the old format. Grrrr on these f-g changes! Why does technology mean fixing things that 'ain't broken.


  1. Yeah, the first time I posted to Blogger after the changes were made, my response was pretty much, "What in the Sam Hill is THIS?"

    I've acclimated to the new format. And if worse comes to worst, at least the app on my iPad hasn't changed its format. ;-)

    I'm looking forward to making posts during my upcoming and much-needed vacation. Just pray that no crises arise in my absence. The hits just keep on coming. And unfortunately, I don't mean musical hits.

  2. Big P.S., well after the fact. Blogs make great marketing tools to complement Etsy shops. :)

    The same photos that you take for the one can be put on the other as well.